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Mina Tent City

Mina project

Ministry of Public Works and Housing
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Mina Valley, Holy Lands, Saudi Arabia

Completion date:
Phase 1 - 1998

Solus 1420

Design & Build:
SL, Stuttgart, Germany

Fabric Engineering:
Tensys, Bath, UK

Membrane Asia, Sri Lanka

Arab membrane, Saudi Arabia

" The largest membrane project in the world"

Every year, more than Two million pilgrims perform the Hajj, the pilgrimage to the Holy Mosque in Makkah. The Mina Valley is one of the Hajj stations and hosts the pilgrims for three days and nights.

During the 1997 Hajj season a disastrous fire destroyed tens of thousands of cotton tents. The Saudi Authorities decided to re-build this vast city of tents by installing 40,000 durable fireproof tents. The only fabric that met these requirements was PTFE coated fiberglass.

Taconic's Solus 1420 fabric was selected after a worldwide competition for the first phase of this project. Within a period of four months, Taconic produced and supplied a total quantity of 330,000 sqm.

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